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What’s The Difference Between Nike and Adidas Shoe Sizes (Comparison)

What’s The Difference Between Nike and Adidas Shoe Sizes (Comparison)

Most people initially think of Adidas and Nike when they consider premium athletic apparel. These are the two most well-known brands in the world.

They are renowned for their top-notch quality, ingenuity, and elegance, and for providing customers with excellent value. 

Despite being market leaders in the production of sportswear and footwear, their products are genuinely unique. Adidas has its headquarters in Germany, while Nike is based in the United States. 

Nike has a higher annual turnover than Adidas, however, the difference between the two is quite tiny. And there are noticeable disparities between them in terms of shoe sizing. 

This article compares the sizes of Adidas and Nike. We are going to help you grasp their size disparities because we already know that you are certain that they are both your go-to premium footwear brands.

We’ll start by showing you how to determine or measure your shoe size. 

Nike Airforce 1s
Nike Airforce 1s

How Should Nike And Adidas Fit? 

Comparing Nike vs Adidas shoe sizes

We all know for sure that two of the most well-known names in athletic clothing are Nike and Adidas, and both companies’ shoes are top choices for daily use, exercise, and training. 

However, you must first comprehend how your shoes should fit in order to choose the brand that would be the best and most comfortable for you. 

To find your shoe size, you need to:

  • Stick a piece of paper on the floor
  • Place your foot firmly on the paper
  • Trace the outline of your foot on the paper
  • Draw the length and breadth on each side
  • Measure the length and width of your foot with help of a ruler and jot it down
  • Minus 1/6th of an inch from each number noted
  • Find your measurements on a shoe sizing chart.

Nike vs. Adidas Sizing 

The majority of people will tell you that these two do not match together similarly. Let’s examine how they differ in fitting. 

Actual Dimensions 

Shoes from Adidas fit more loosely than those from Nike. This indicates that an Adidas shoe in your size will be comfortable for you. Conversely, a pair of Nike shoes in the same size will either be too small or impossible for you to wear. 

They are up to 5 millimeters apart in size. For instance, if your foot is 9.7 inches in length, you can wear Adidas shoes in size 8. However, a person with a foot measuring 9.62 inches can wear a Nike size 8, which is, as you can see, a smaller fitting. 

With half sizes, this disparity is more obvious. For instance, if you typically wear a Nike size 7.5, an Adidas size 8 should suit you. The length of a Nike size 7.5 is approximately 10 inches, matching the length of an Adidas size 8. 

You would believe that since all of these disparities only amount to a few millimeters, anyone could put up with them. This size discrepancy might not matter to you if you use shoes to protect and conceal your feet. 

Size charts for Nike vs. Adidas 

3636443.538 11/1622
36 2/336.54.54.543.58 7/822.5
37 1/337.5554.549 1/1623
38385.55.554.59 1/423.5
38 2/338.5665.559 7/1624
39 1/3396.56.565.59 5/824.5
4040776.569 13/1625
40 2/340.57.57.576.510 1/1625.5
41 1/341887.5710 1/426
42428.58.587.510 7/1626.5
42 2/342.5998.5810 5/827
43 1/3439.59.598.510 13/1627.5
44 2/344.510.510.5109.511 1/428.5
45 1/345111110.51011 7/1629
4645.511.511.51110.511 5/829.5
46 2/346121211.51111 13/1630
47 1/34712.512.51211.51230.5
4847.5131312.51212 3/1631
Size Chart for Men
3635.5553.52.58 11/1622
36 2/3365.55.5438 7/822.5
37 1/336.5664.53.59 1/1623
3837.56.56.5549 1/423.5
38 2/338775.54.59 7/1624
39 1/338.57.57.5659 5/824.5
4039886.55.59 13/1625
40 2/3408.58.57610 1/1625.5
41 1/340.5997.56.510 1/426
Size Chart for Women

Their sizing charts are a clear distinction between these two brands.

Adidas, a firm based in Europe, adheres to sizing guidelines that have been approved for the UE, UK, and JP markets. Conversely, Nike uses the American size chart and standards. 

The charts are simple to read and convert, so you shouldn’t be too concerned. In addition, online and shoe retailers sell the charts.

To determine the right size for your foot, you can quickly convert the sizes. 

Adidas Shoes
Adidas Shoes

What Shoes Have Narrow Fits? 

People say that Adidas fits true to size. Conversely, Nike sneakers are half a size smaller. Therefore, when purchasing Nike sneakers, you should get a size larger.

To illustrate this, many people sport oversized footwear. stating that they appear at ease. Contrary to popular perception, it really proves to be more comfortable to order the proper size. 

Which Shoes Are Better For Wide Feet? 

As a result of their slightly larger size, Nike shoes may fit wider feet a little better than Adidas, but it’s important to note that Adidas only carries wide-fit shoes. 

Golf shoes, football boots, cleats, running shoes, and even a pair of Terrex Sumra sandals are all available in the Adidas range. 

In spite of this, Nike also offers a line of wide-fitting footwear, including extra-wide versions of the extremely well-liked Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39s that we noted in our article on Nike and New Balance size. 

It would appear that both companies go to considerable measures to accommodate bigger feet, so ensuring that there is a suitable pair of shoes available to meet everyone’s demands. 

What Happens If the Shoes You’ve Already Bought Are Not True to Size? 

This is a different method of determining your shoe size. If you believe your existing shoes don’t fit properly, you should do this.

If you carefully follow the instructions, this is a fantastic way to measure your feet. 

  • Place a piece of paper next to a wall on the ground. 
  • On it, stand. Make sure your heel is in contact with the wall. 
  • Make a circle with a pen or pencil around your foot. 
  • The longest toe needs to be marked. Observe that it might not be your big toe. It’s possible that your second toe is longer than your first.
  • Your foot’s drawing should be measured. From the wall (your heel) to the longest toe, take your measurement.
  • To make it simpler to determine your European, American, and British shoe sizes from the size chart above, this measurement should be given in centimeters. 

Specific Brand Features 

After uploading a photo of your foot, the Nike Mobile App can assist you in determining your shoe size. This is great because you may order any model of their shoes in the correct size. 

Adidas offers a similar smartphone app, but you shouldn’t entirely rely on it. The sizes you receive through the app can be smaller.

In addition, some of their shoes contain Cloudfoam, which has an impact on how well they fit on your feet, particularly for ladies. 

Nike Shoes
Nike Shoes


Which of Nike and Adidas is superior? 

The size of Nike is a major advantage; Adidas is outlying behind. Although Nike has a superior demand, it is more expensive than Adidas.

Overall, Nike has a stronger brand and is better run than Adidas. 

What distinguishes Adidas from Nike? 

When comparing the dates of their founding, Adidas is a more reputable name than Nike. Nike is an American sportswear world-class brand whereas Adidas is a competent German-based sportswear brand.

Athletes who play basketball and run are Nike’s most important market customers, whereas tennis players and football fans are Adidas’ main market consumers. 

Which brand is more valuable, Nike or Adidas? 

With a $32.4 billion valuation, Nike is the most valuable apparel company in the world, according to Brand Finance. Adidas comes third, two ranks lower than Nike.


  • The most popular brands of footwear, particularly among athletes, are Adidas and Nike. 
  • Although they are both high-end brands, the shoe sizes are different. 
  • Nike shoes typically run larger, but Adidas sneakers fit true to size. 
  • Be aware of your proper foot size before purchasing shoes. 
  • Since your foot size changes over time, you should never assume that you know what size shoes to buy. 
  • You can determine your size by measuring yourself, visiting your local shoe store, or using brand-specific internet resources. 

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