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A Chronicom VS Watcher VS The Watcher Informant

A Chronicom VS Watcher VS The Watcher Informant

A chronicom is a person who has been genetically altered to have a photographic memory. The government uses them to record and store information.

A watcher is a person who has been trained to observe and report on the activities of other people. They may be employed by the government or work independently.

The watcher informant is someone who is both a watcher and a chronicom. They have been trained in both disciplines and are able to use their skills to gather information for the government.

There are three types of people in the world who are known as “watchers.” They are chronicom, watchers, and informants. Chronicoms are individuals who have a constant awareness of their surroundings, even when they’re not physically present. 

Watchers are people who watch over others, often acting as advisors or protectors. Informants are people who provide information to those who ask for it in a discreet manner. While all three watchers share similar characteristics, there are key differences that set them apart.

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What is a Chronicom?

The word “chroni-,” derives from the word “chrono,” which means time, or, more likely, its derivative word “chronical,” which means to record occurrences throughout the course of time.

A chronicom is a digital record of a person’s life, maintained by that person and accessible to authorized individuals. It can include anything from health information to social media posts. The purpose of a chronicom is to provide a single source of information about a person, which can be used to make decisions about their care and well-being.

It can be robots, or if we talk about movies or comics, then the Chronicoms are a species of aliens who, according to the television series Fringe, are seeking a way to annihilate the human race. In the show, they are portrayed as a malevolent force seeking to exploit and destroy humanity for their own gain.

a 3d robot
Robotic Machine ready to collect and store data

Although they visually resemble humans, Chronicoms lack gender and internal organs and are mostly formed of plastic alloy. The Chronicoms are driven by an Electrochron Displacement Mechanism, which is analogous to the human heart and is equipped with other cybernetic components.

The Electrochron Displacement Mechanism must be uninstalled in order for it to die or diminish normally. By scanners, they are likewise detected as people.

Are Chronicoms Watchers?

Some say that the answer is yes. Chronicoms are beings that have the ability to watch everything that happens in the universe. They are said to be able to see every event, every conversation, and every thought. Because of this, some people believe that chronicoms are always watching us.

Others believe that chronicoms don’t exist at all and that the idea of them is nothing more than a myth. They say that there is no evidence to support the claim that chronicoms exist and that it’s nothing more than a story made up to scare people.

There are a few key differences between a chronicom, watcher, and watcher informant. A chronicom is someone who has been monitoring their loved one for an extended period of time, whereas a watcher is someone who observes their loved one for shorter periods of time.

The watcher informant, meanwhile, is someone who has been directly involved in the abuse or exploitation of a victim. While the watcher is typically a close family member, the chronicom and the informant are not. 

What do the Chronicoms want?

The Chronicoms are a race of aliens that want to study and understand all forms of life in the universe. They believe that by understanding all life, they can better protect and preserve it.

They are also a highly advanced race and have developed technology that is far beyond anything we have on Earth. From this research, we can also conclude that chronicoms can not die as they are aliens and different from humans.

What is a Watcher?

A watcher is an entity that observes the goings-on of the world and reports on them to others. They may act as a messenger or intermediary between the divine and humanity, or they may simply be observers who keep track of events and pass information along as they deem necessary.

If we see watchers from a religious perspective, then a watcher is an angelic being found in the Bible. They are described as having huge wings and being very powerful. They are often used to guard or watch over something or someone.

an emoji with wings and a halo
Watchers in religious beliefs are referred to as messengers busy watching and guarding others.

Moreover, watchers are a fictitious alien species that appears in the Marvel Comics Universe. They are frequently portrayed as all-powerful entities that watch over the fictitious multiverses and the stories that take place in them and are not permitted to contact other characters, but they have done so on countless occasions when the situation dictated it.

What do the Watchers do?

The Watchers are cosmic creatures with the intrinsic capacity to perform practically any desired result, such as increasing human traits, manipulating time and space, chemical manipulation, energy projection, and a variety of mental skills. They also have access to groundbreaking technologies.

You can watch this video to learn more about the term “watcher”.

The Watcher is telepathic, able to read the minds of almost every known form of sentient life and to project his ideas into any mind. The Watcher also has the ability to manipulate energy.

What is the Watcher Informant?

Literally, a watcher informant is a person who reports the activities of a target to a surveillance agency. They may be recruited through various means, such as online ads or personal contact, and are typically paid for their services.

Watcher Informants use a variety of techniques to gather information on their targets, such as following them, observing their online activity, or intercepting their communications.

In fact, the Watcher Informant is a creature who wanders the globe and reports back to the Watchers on his adventures. Also, the Watcher informant is a fictitious Marvel Cinematic Universe figure, and Stan Lee played the part.

an astronaut in space
Watchers have a unique method of how they can gather information.

He visited Earth on several occasions, from 1943 through at least 2018, and other worlds, such as Xandar and Sakaar in 2014 and 2017, respectively.

Here are some of the major differences between the watcher, the chronicom, and the watcher informant given below.


The WatcherThe ChronicomThe Watcher Informant
Characteristics·   superhuman strength,
·    intelligence,
·    endurance
·    very long lifespan
·    manipulation of energy and molecules
·    psionic abilities
. teleportation
·    exhibit long-term memory
·    filled with self-awareness
·    highly developed
cognitive abilities
. capable of evolving
·    articulate and communicate
·    reliable and helpful
·    inquisitive and possesses deep knowledge
. problem solver and critical thinker
Work asdetectives or researchersspies or informants for
 the government
journalists or historians
Special Abilitiesability to see the pastability to see the futurecan see both the future and past
How to distinguish the watcher, the chronicom, and the watcher informant.


  • Chronicoms maintain digital records. They are depicted as robots or malevolent aliens in fiction.
  • Watchers observe events. They share information with religious and fictional associations.
  • Watcher Informants report activities. They vary from surveillance to journalistic roles.
  • Chronicoms possess constant environmental awareness. They are unlike Watchers with shorter observation periods.
  • Watcher Informants aren’t typically close to family. They may be directly involved in exploitative situations.
  • Abilities vary from memory recall to telepathy and future vision among these entities.
  • They collaborate in investigations but have distinct roles, with Chronicoms resembling supervisory Watchers.

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