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Difference Between New Apple Pencil And Previous Apple Pencil (The Latest Technology)

Difference Between New Apple Pencil And Previous Apple Pencil (The Latest Technology)

The world is evolving and is getting better and better than it was a minute ago. Humans have done many wonders in the past few centuries and have achieved what seemed impossible to humanity a few decades back. If we look closely at what we have achieved, it still amazes us.

We are developing minute by minute only towards the betterment and ease of humankind. In this race of revolution, many companies emerged and solved many major problems of humans.

One of them is “Apple,” which was introduced by Steve Jobs in 1976. The basic function of “Apple” was to give “Microsoft” a competitor, which they successfully achieved, and we are still in a fight between who’s better, “Microsoft” or “Apple.”

Apple worked on a completely different design and specs and introduced its first-ever phone, the iPhone, which speaks for itself. Over time, they keep introducing new gadgets, which come in handy for day-to-day tasks.

The Apple Pencil is one of them, and the function of the Apple pencil is to provide its users with the feel of a notepad and pencil. Still, in the digital version, some people complain that you cannot draw anything properly using your fingers on the iPad.

The answer to this problem is the apple pencil. It provides users with the feel of the pencil but with exciting new features.

The first-generation Apple Pencil sports a glossy plastic surface like AirPods. The matte coating on the previous pencil is far more resistant to grease and fingerprints.

Read on to know more details about their differences.

Distinguishing Features Between the New Apple Pencil and the Previous Apple Pencil

New apple Pencil
New Apple Pencil
CharacteristicsNew Apple PencilPrevious Apple Pencil
DesignThe new apple pencil is much thinner, smaller, lighter, and looks more futuristic. It is much more compact and is gaining much attention. It contains some of the same features as the previous one, but now it has improved its connectivity.  The first-generation Apple Pencil was announced on the same date as the first iPad Pro on September 9, 2015. It communicates wireless via Bluetooth and contains a removable cap that conceals a Lightning connector used for charging
PaintThe Pencil 2,  comes with a matte finish that is much more resistant to sweat and fingerprints. It feels, more than anything, like a real pencil, which makes it so much more pleasant to use  The original Apple Pencil has a glossy plastic finish in the style of Air Pods. It was the first pencil introduced by apple and was a boon for the business of apple.  
FeaturesApple Pencil can now be detected up to 12 mm above the display surface, which allows users to visualize a preview of their mark before they can make it. This also allows users to sketch with even greater precision and makes everything Apple users do with Apple Pencil even less effort.  The original Apple pencil had pairing and charging through lighting features. It came with pixel-perfect precision. It had tilt and pressure sensitivity sensors. And among many features, it had imperceptible lag, which affected the work process positively.  
iPad connectivityThe most important thing is which iPad it is connected to; if it’s the new one, then you can access its new features of it, like touch sensitivity.  The old Apple pencil is still wonderful and serves its purpose well even though it is connected with the new one or the older generations of iPad  
Life of the pencilThe new pencil works on the same method if you barely use your pencil, then it will last for years, but if you have a job that includes mostly drawing, then you have to change the tip of the pencil every six months.  The original Apple pencil often lasts around a year and a half on paper, but if you see it practically, it all depends on the work hours you are giving and using the pencil.  
New Apple Pencil vs. Previous Apple Pencil

Is It Worth Investing in the Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil is definitely worth the money for anyone who wants to use the iPad for drawing, sketching, taking notes, or other similar activities, but for those who don’t need all of the advanced features, there are some similar styluses on the market, like the significantly less expensive Logitech Crayon.

Watch this video to know more about Apple Pencil

From years of both art and non-art iPad use, we’ve discovered the Apple Pencil 2 is still worth paying for if you are simply using it casually. Apple is a reliable company from the perspective of shareholders and investors.

People have noticed that Apple never ceases to amaze its users with its new and modern tech gadgets. Investing in a new pencil is a secure investment, and the pencil will come in handy for sure. Apple products have made their place in the tech market, and the market now seems incomplete without Apple products.

Price Difference Between Previous and New Apple Pencils

There is a considerable difference between the prices of new and old apple pencils. The new apple pencil costs about £119 or $129, and the previous apple pencil was £89 or $99. The difference is mainly because of the features that Apple is providing with the new Apple pencil.

Some other reasons for this price difference could be inflation, which is because of the shortage of energy.

Other affordable Apple pencil variants are available on the market, such as the Easy Pencil Pro 3, which has the same appearance as the Apple Pencil 2 but a much lower price point and is compatible with all new iPads. The tip is precise and has palm rejection; it charges through USB-C and has a long-lasting battery.

The average middle-class man always thinks that buying cheap products will save them money, but the reality is the opposite.

If a person buys cheap products, they are more likely to get ruined in the early stages when they have to buy another one at the same price. The total price will add up to the exact same price as the product of any trusted brand.

It is concluded that purchasing trusted and good products often leads to cost savings because they come with warranties and are more reliable, and if they fail, good customer service will entertain you with the best they have.

old apple Pencil
Old Apple Pencil

The Lifespan of Apple Pencils

You cannot call it a secure investment unless you know how to use the product you have invested in. The pencil should last several years if you are cautious with it. There are two ways it will fail: physical damage and, eventually, the consumption of the batteries.

One way you won’t get a long life out of a pencil is if you don’t use it and keep it charged up to date. It is not a cheap product, and many people dream about having Apple products, but of course, electronics have some ethics defined for them about how they should be used. There is no harm in keeping the Apple Pencil charged.

Its system software will intelligently discharge and recharge its battery, which will help maintain its battery health. Apple claims a three-month warranty on all its products.

However, if you experience any sort of error after the warranty period, they will still compensate you depending on the amount of time that has passed since the expiry of the warranty period.

The Use of Apple Pencil


  • The gist of our research shows that both Apple pencils are amazing in their own aspects. The new Apple Pencil is much more responsive, stylish, and modern, and it looks as well as works more efficiently than the previous one.
  • The differences are not so enormous that an individual might be confused. It all depends on the practical usage of the product, whereas the life duration of both pencils is pretty much the same, and for better results, there are some precautions that one should take.
  • The price difference is that point where a person comes to a halt and thinks about the investment he is about to make. To the insights of many big investors in the world, the new Apple pencil is a safe investment.
  • People who are tech enthusiasts recommend using new and latest technology because it provides you with the touch of the future and things that are yet to come. The theory that old is gold is rarely applied in the tech world because the tech is improving day by day and is now getting better every day.

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