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What Is The Difference Between Nike Air Force 1 CW2288-111 And DD8959-100? (Explained)

What Is The Difference Between Nike Air Force 1 CW2288-111 And DD8959-100? (Explained)

Air Force 1 was initially introduced in 1982 as a basketball shoe. It quickly caught the attention of sneakerheads and rose to fame in the hip-hop community. Since then, more than 2000 various color schemes have been created.

The model numbers CW2288-111 and DD8959-100 on the Nike Air Force 1 assist in identifying the shoes and demonstrating their originality.

According to a significant portion of the sneaker world, the “Triple White” colorway continues to be the best.

Keep reading to know more about Nike as a brand, the different types of footwear it has launched, and how Nike Air Force 1 CW2288-111 and DD8959-100 are different from each other.

Things You Need To Know About Nike

Nike, the largest manufacturer of athletic garments in the world, is acknowledged for its footwear, attire, and equipment.

Originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, the business changed its name to Nike in 1971 to honor the Greek goddess of triumph.

The factories where Nike products are produced aren’t owned by the corporation. Instead, the factories are owned by contractors, who are paid by Nike to make the products.

Basketball player Michael Jordan made the Air Jordan 1 famous, but when he first saw them, he detested their red and black color scheme.

Let’s dive into some interesting facts about Nike that you might have even come across:

  • 64% of all revenues come from the sale of footwear.
  • For $35, Nike designed the Swoosh.
  • “Men’s Training” brings in about twice as much money as “Women’s Training.”

Types Of Shoes Produced By Nike

Nike produces a variety of shoes based on the nature of activity, and the type of comfort you are looking for.

Since 1972, Nike has been making shoes. They have created innumerable versions over those 45 years, each catering to the requirements of a different type of athlete.

Nike has shoes for practically everyone, whether they are used for football, yoga, or track & field. Sadly, there are now so many distinct styles of Nike sneakers that it is difficult to keep up.

Types of Nike ShoesDescription
Air JordanIt is for the OGs, the younger generation, the hypebeasts, those who prefer low-tops, and those who want more comfort.
Air Jordan 3It has seen many well-received new iterations, collaborations, and unreleased friends-and-family designs over the course of its more than 30-year lifetime, while its original colorways continue to be its most popular.
Nike DunkBy the late 2000s, the retro era was well under way, and the Dunk was a key part of Nike’s lineup.
Air Max 95Air Max is one of Nike‘s choice of sneakers for everyday lifestyle.
Nike Air Yeezy 2The Yeezy 2 aimed to stretch what Nike could offer and produce something incredibly legendary.
Different Types of Nike Shoes

What Is Nike Air Force 1?

When the Nike Air Force 1 basketball shoe debuted in 1982, it was the first to incorporate Nike Air cushioning.

Despite the fact that the shoe was ground-breaking in that area, Nike intended to stop manufacturing it in 1984.

But because it was so well-liked in Baltimore, the proprietors of the city’s Cinderella Shoes and Charley Rudo Sports shops pushed the athletic wear company to continue producing the shoe.

The Air Force 1 has been made available in a variety of materials and colorways since the original model. White is the most widely used Air Force 1 color. The variants in red and blue are equally well-liked.

Air Force 1 was still being released irregularly during the middle to end of the 1980s because Nike had been persuaded. It spread across basketball courts and corner stores, keeping an East Coast presence.

How to style and present Nike Air Force 1 shoe?

Nike Air Force 1 CW2288-111

Nike Air Force
Nike Air Force was designed with a unique name to give it an identity of superiority and luxury.

The Nike Air Force 1 ’07, the basketball classic that adds a modern twist to what you already know best—durably stitched overlays, sleek finishes, and just the right amount of flash to make you shine—carries on the radiance.

The upper stitched overlays give longevity, support, and a vintage look. The low-cut silhouette gives the outfit a sleek, modern appearance.

The Nike Air cushioning, which was initially created for performance hoops, gives a gentle layer of all-day comfort.

Nike Air Force 1 DD8959-100

The Nike Air Force 1 ’07 is a basketball icon that adds a modern twist to what you already know how to do best with crisp leather and vibrant colors.

With this brand-new, contemporary version of the legendary AF1, the legacy endures. The low-cut silhouette has a varied appearance and a low-to-the-ground sensation.

The leather and textile upper delivers a sizable dose of superior durability and timeless style. The date of the original shoe’s introduction is commemorated by a metal deubré on the laces.

Difference Between Nike Air Force 1 CW2288-111 And DD8959-100

Nike Air Force 1 CW2288-111 and DD8959-100 are basically code numbers presented on the bar present in Nike Shoes.

Typically, each Nike shoe code is made up of 9 numbers or letters, the first 6 of which is the shoe code and the final 3 of which is the color code for that specific shoe, such as 667444-008.

You may use Google Pictures to check the barcode, which is positioned in the center. To assist in identifying the shoe as original, there are bar tags with these numbers.

First, the serial number on the tag and the box should match exactly. The subsequent actions should be performed if it matches.

Visit the online database to search for your particular Nike shoe. These databases should contain information on each shoe’s “name,” model number, and image.

Alternatives To Nike Brand


Adidas is one of the closest competitors of Nike, producing almost the same range and features.

While Nike and the German company Adidas are among the two largest sportswear manufacturers in the world, fraternal has historically been Adidas’ fiercest opponent.

Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, brothers who started Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik in 1924 before growing apart and starting their own businesses, Adidas and PUMA.

The Three Stripes Company is not only a powerhouse in sports like football; Run-DMC’s influence on the city of New York in the 1980s helped Adidas grow into a lifestyle behemoth as well.


Puma is known to be the largest footwear manufacturer in the world.

PUMA was established from the roots of a sibling conflict. Rudolf Dassler started the third-largest sportswear company in the world in 1948.

By developing quick items for the world’s fastest athletes, PUMA has constantly advanced culture and sport. It has drawn power and authority from its history in sports for more than 70 years.


  • Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman launched Nike in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports. Long-distance runner Steve Prefontaine served as the firm’s first brand ambassador when it initially changed its name to “Nike” in 1971.
  • Originally, the company served as a distributor for the Japanese shoe manufacturer Onitsuka Tiger.
  • Nike closely collaborates with world-class athletes to design custom footwear that meets their performance and lifestyle requirements. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant are among the basketball greats who are part of Nike’s roster.
  • A six-digit number, followed by a three-digit number, designates the product type for Nike footwear (for instance, AQ3366–601).
  • If the tag is missing, the model number can be found on the box. The model number of your Nike shoes should be printed on the box if you still have it.

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