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What Is The Difference Between Jose Cuervo Silver And Gold? (Let’s Explore)

What Is The Difference Between Jose Cuervo Silver And Gold? (Let’s Explore)

Tequila is a famous Mexican drink. Mexicans enjoy tequila as a cocktail and shot drink, as well as being the national beverage of their country.

The origin of tequila is believed to have occurred roughly 2000 years ago when it was used in religious ceremonies. Authentic tequila is made from the blue agave plant, fermented and bottled, then marketed according to taste, age, and ingredients used.

You can find four different types of tequila in the market. These include Jose Cuervo Silver and Jose Cuervo Gold, commonly known as silver and gold tequila.

The primary difference between both is their composition. Gold tequila is not made of a hundred percent agave, unlike silver tequila. Another noticeable difference between both silver and gold Jose Cuervo is their color and flavor.

You can differentiate between both tequilas just by looking as the silver Jose Cuervo is clear like water while the gold Jose Cuervo is slightly yellow Gold in color. Moreover, the silver tequila tastes much more robust than the gold one.

Moreover, the manufacturing process distinguishes gold Jose Cuervo from silver Jose Cuervo, as silver tequila is not fermented further after distillation. In contrast, the gold tequila is kept in wooden barrels for aging.

Let’s take a dive and discuss both of these drinks in detail!

Interesting Facts About Jose Cuervo Silver

Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila is a silver-colored tequila made with 100% Agave. It has a smooth, sweet flavor with a slight peppery kick.

An image of silver tequila bottle.
Silver tequila is good for those who have low budget

It is either 100% agave or a close mix of agave. Blue agave spirit in its purest form is found in silver tequila.

After distillation, it’s bottled right away, so it doesn’t age or only ages for a short time. You can drink it as a cocktail. Considering the manufacturing and packaging process isn’t as complicated, it’s more affordable.

The history of silver tequila dates back to the 16th century when Spanish missionaries first discovered the plant. Legend has it that they used the juice of the agave plant to make a medicinal drink for themselves and their followers.

The drink soon became popular among aristocrats, who appreciated its purported healing properties.

Interesting Information About Jose Cuervo Gold

Jose Cuervo Gold is a tequila made from 100% Agave Silver Tequila Blanco. It has a smoother taste and richer color than other Jose Cuervo tequilas.

In gold tequila, the golden hue comes from two sources. A dark color is achieved by aging in barrels. The longer it stays in barrels, the darker the color becomes. The longer it stays in barrels, the more shades of color it develops.

Long-aged gold tequila is more expensive and of higher quality. Generally, aging takes between two months and a year. It may even be aged for years by some brands.

Another way to add color is through flavor. Before it is bottled, this tequila is flavored with sugar, oak tree extracts, and caramel coloring, contributing to its golden color.

Jose Cuervo Gold is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a tequila that will make your taste buds jump.

Key Differences Between Jose Cuervo Silver And Gold

You can find differences between Jose Cuervo Silver and Gold in their fermentation process, taste, smell, price, and utility.

Difference In Aging And Barreling

The gold tequilas (original ones) experience a long aging period, while the silver tequilas don’t undergo long aging periods.

Once silver tequila has been distilled, it is usually bottled. While some producers age their gold tequila for no longer than 60 days in steel barrels, others choose to age it for up to a year.

Difference In Color

The Jose Cuervo Silver is typically white, while Jose Cuervo Gold is light brown to amber Gold in its color.

Difference In Price

The Jose Cuervo Gold is more expensive than the Jose Cuervo Silver due to its prolonged aging process.

Drinks and their differences
Drinks and Their Differences

Differences In Uses

When mixed drinks like margaritas are served, silver tequila is right for you, while gold tequila is best for shots.

This silver tequila recipe perfectly complements any margarita mix because of its agave flavor and clear color. However, the taste of gold tequila is softer than that of silver tequila, which is acrider.

Salt and lime juice are easier to take with it or straight. The next time you throw a party with friends, try these fried tequila shots. 

Difference In Ingredients

Even though both are made from blue agave plants, gold tequila is flavored and colored with additives and other spirits.

Silver tequila mainly comprises fermented blue agave extracts, whereas gold tequila does not. It is also mixed with caramel coloring (to achieve its color) and sweeteners like molasses, corn syrup, or different types of sugar to produce gold tequila, aside from silver tequila and other aged spirits.

These are the few differences between both types of Jose Cuervo tequilas. Here is also a table for you to understand these differences easily.

Jose Cuervo SilverJose Cuervo Gold
It is white or totally clear in its appearance.It is slightly golden.
It doesn’t undergo aging for more than sixty days.It is kept in barrels for years for aging.
It is kept in silver barrels for aging.It is kept in wooden barrels for aging.
Its taste is harsh and strong.Its taste is rich and smooth.
You can drink it in margaritas and cocktails.You can drink it as shots easily.
Silver vs. Gold Tequila

Learn more by watching this video clip explaining different types of tequila.

Types of Tequila

What’s Better: Silver Or Gold Jose Cuervo?

Jose Cuervo Silver is made with 100% silver and has a slightly sweeter taste than Gold. It is perfect for those who want a light and refreshing drink and pairs well with most foods.

Gold is made with silver and copper, giving it a richer flavor and a little more kick. It’s perfect for those who want something with a bit more zing, and it goes great with salty or savory foods.

Silver is known for its smoother taste, while Gold offers a more intense flavor. Silver also tends to be less expensive than Gold, making it a better choice if you are on a budget.

However, if you want a more luxurious drink, go with Gold!

Is Gold Tequila Smoother Than Silver?

Gold tequila is often marketed as being smoother than silver tequila because it has less of the harshness that silver can have.

The reason for this discrepancy is likely due to the way that Gold is processed. Silver Tequila is made from 100% blue agave, a sugarcane type. Gold Tequila, on the other hand, is made from a blend of 90% blue and 10% yellow agave.

This process allows for a more delicate flavor profile because yellow agave contains a higher sugar level than blue agave. However, despite the higher price tag associated with gold tequila, it’s not necessarily worth it. Many people think silver tastes better.

An image of two shot glasses with lime.
Shots of Gold Tequila

Final Thoughts

  • Tequila is one of the drinks people prefer drinking during clubbing. You can find four different types of tequila in the market.
  • Silver and Gold are two types of Jose Cuervo tequila.
  • Silver tequila is mostly packed right after distillation, while Gold tequila is kept in barrels for years before packing.
  • Silver tequila is transparent, while gold tequila is brownish amber in color.
  • Silver tequila is made of 100 percent blue agave, while gold tequila also contains other additives like vanilla, caramel, etc.
  • Gold tequila is pretty expensive compared to silver tequila.

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