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Which Is Better for Your Hair: Pomade Oil or Hair Oil? (Comparision) 

Which Is Better for Your Hair: Pomade Oil or Hair Oil? (Comparision) 

Hair oil and pomade oil are both lubricants used to lubricate your hair prevent them from breakage and make them strong, prosperous, and futile. These oils help in making your hair moist, luster, and shine bright under the sun. 

Hair oils are essential for your hair as they help grow and make them strong, but finding the best hair oil suitable for your hair is the hard part as there are many of them on the market. Well, to find out the best hair product for yourself, we got you covered as we will discuss different types of hair products. 

Also, we’ll discuss pomade oil, an oil-based grease used for styling hair and making them shine out. It’s an old traditional thing many celebrities used in the 1970s. 

What Is Hair Oil? 

Hair oil is a hair product to tweak hair conditions, and it’s usually oil-based. Hair oils are generally a blend of different oils from various plants and herbs, providing our hair aid in dryness, growth, health, and preventing hair damage. They also help in making your hair look luminous and shiny. 

Some consumers would usually say that it makes your hair look greasy, which is not valid, but if you apply more than usual, your hair would feel greasy, so you should apply a limited amount. 

Olive Oil Used For Hair Care
Olive Oil Used For Hair Care

Why Is Hair Oil Used? 

Right hair oil with the best ingredients should be used by looking at the condition of the hair. Usually, hair oils are used for hair that’s damaged, dry, greasy, and has no shine. 


Hair that has lost its shine due to dryness can use a little oil to make your hair shine bright and prevent dryness. The Mythic Oil Original Hair Oil will not only smoothen the hair but also make it luminous and adds heat protection, which helps stop the hair from getting damaged and dehydrated when styling. 


If your hair becomes greasy and oily quickly, do not try to go with the easy method of cleaning it over and over, which could damage your scalp by which it and over-produce sebum. It would be best to look for hair care that has strengthened oil content that is way better than washing the hair more than once, such as argan oil

Damaged Hair 

Hair can be damaged easily by over-styling hair or by the environment such as the sun, wind, and pollution. If your hair has split ends, you’ll need nuts and minerals in your hair oils as it would make them smooth, and if they have frizz and flyaways, sunflower and mineral oil can improve the shine on your hair and prevents hair damage. 

A Little Girl With Frizzy Golden Hair
A Little Girl With Frizzy Golden Hair

How Should You Use Hair Oil? 

There are many ways to apply hair oil if your hair is wet, you can apprehend rare moisture by applying a few drops of the oil over your hair. Ensure that you dispense entirely from top to bottom before drying.

If your hair is already dried, the oil can help smoothen the frizz and flyaways, and usually oil for the shine in waves and curls

How often does a person apply hair oil? Well, that depends on the condition of your hair and what kind of hair. Few of them apply hair oil whenever they wash their hair, and others only apply hair oil when they feel their hair is dry.  

Hair Oil Types 

Various commercial and traditional oils are made of minerals and vegetable oils. Out of all these ingredients, coconut oil is the most common. Other vegetable sources include almonds, argan, babassu, burdock, Castor, and tea seeds. Natural oils are used as a cosmetic product on the scalp. Natural resources produce these natural oils that are high in nutrients which are vitamins and fatty acids

Coconut Oil 

It has properties that help reduce protein loss in hair, which happens when used before and after. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a type of fatty acid that can go through the hair shaft and may have low molecular weight and upright conformation. 

Argan Oil 

Such oil originates from Morocco, famous for its conditioning-type effect that leaves hair soft and frizzed to relieve. 

Avocado Oil 

It is rich in nutrients and has a high concentration of vitamin E, an antioxidant that decreases hair loss and encourages hair growth. 

Other Oils 

Including almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil may help in the hair’s elasticity and prevent dryness and damage. 

Coconut Oil Freshly From Coconut
Coconut Oil Freshly From Coconut

Best Hair Oils 

These are some of the best hair oils rated by the VOGUE article: 

  • Briogeo 
  • Gisou  
  • Rahua Elixir 
  • DevaCurl 
  • Olaplex No.7 
Importance Of Hair Oil And How To Use It

What Is Pomade? 

Depending on the consumer, pomade could be an oil or water-based product, making your hair look shiny and slick.

It’s usually used for hairstyling. Pomade is different from hairstyling gel as the gel makes hair hard, whereas pomade does not. It generally has a dry and thick consistency, giving your hair a messy/mate look. 


Pomade is an English word taken from the French word Pommade, which means ointment. The first pomades were used in the 18th century made out of bear fat and were used by the gentry and upper class. In the 20th century, the ingredients were changed, including petroleum jelly, lard, and beeswax instead of bear fat. 

What Is Pomade Oil? 

Oil-based pomades are a type of pomade that has been here for quite a while. When searching for pomade oil, you need to understand that pomade oil means grease

Pomade is also a blend of oils and waxes, including beeswax, lanolin, coconut oil, castor oil, vegetable oil from Castor, and geraniol. Oil-based pomades are the most traditional type of pomades as they have the similar ingredients to the pomades in the 30s and 50s 

Companies that produced pomades for over 70 years are still making oil-based pomades, such as Royal Crown, Sweet Georgia Brown, and Murray’s

Pomade Based On Oil From High Life
Pomade Based On Oil From High Life

Why Are Pomade Oils Used? 

Using an oil-based pomade for the first time is a commitment, and you would have to change your hair care routine, as it is tough to remove by using shampoo. On the bright side, oil-based pomades make your hair shine and provide a perennial hold. 

Many stylists used oil pomade for styling hair for the host of a show or a news anchor, and then it became a type of trend in the 30s and 50s. It is stilled used by many consumers as they have made a liking for it. 

Ingredients You Should Avoid While buying Oil-Based Pomades. 

Some products are synthetic but are not harmful, but you might avoid them: 

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) + sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES) 
  • PVP/VA Copolymer 
  • Sulfates 
  • Parabens 
  • Phthalates 
  • Dimethicone 

Best Oil-Based Pomades 

While finding the best oil-based pomades, we have come across these top 5 best strong hold pomades recommended by the style dieter

  • Lockhart’s Heavy Hold Pomade 
  • Don Juan Hair Grease Heavy Hold Pomade 
  • Shear Revival Easy Tiger Firm Hold Pomade 
  • Arcadian Grooming Classic Firm Hold Pomade 
  • O’Douds Traditional Pomade Heavy 
How to Remove Oil-Based Pomades From Hair

Pros of Hair Oil and Pomade Oil

Hair OilPomade Oil
Stimulates Blood CirculationSupreme Hold
 Hair Oil Gives Extra Shine Nourishes The Hair
Scalp Growth and Adds MoistureUsed For Traditional Form of Hairstyling
Counteract Dandruff and Dry ScalpNatural Shine
Prevents From Being Brittle and DullMuch Cheaper Than Water-Based Pomades
The Advantages Of Hair Oil And Pomade Oil

Cons of Hair Oil and Pomade Oil

Hair OilPomade Oil
Gathers Pollutants And DirtExtreme amount of greasy hair
Over-Oiling Makes Hair GreasyDifficult To wash The Excess
Heavy oil weighs Hair DownConflicting theory on effects on hair/scalp
The Disadvantages Of Hair Oil And Pomade Oil

Can Hair Oil and Pomade Oil Cause Hair Loss?

Oiling your hair with a hair oil cannot cause hair fall, whether it be coconut oil, onion oil, or almond oil, as all oils are good conditioners, they help us by nourishing the hair shaft and help in fizziness and dryness.

They act as a protective coat over the hair shaft.

Whereas for the pomade oil-based, there’s no evidence that pomade oil causes hair loss due to little research on pomade has been made. Well, it’s not hard to understand that a vast amount of oil-based substance on your hair and scalp can cause damage.


  • In the end, both the hair products are helpful in many ways and such as hair oil is beneficial for a better hair condition or hair growth, and the pomade is better for hair styling and hair shine.
  • Both have their effect on hair if used extensively, and both hair products can cause damage to your hair as hair oil can make the scalp over-produce sebum, and pomade oil can make hair extremely greasy.
  • On my behalf, I would recommend hair oil as a hair care product because it helps in hair growth and stimulates blood. Pomade oil for hair styling as it doesn’t harden your hair as these hair gels do.

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