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Dark Blonde Hair vs. Light Brown Hair (Which is better?)

Dark Blonde Hair vs. Light Brown Hair (Which is better?)

Dark Blonde and Light Brown are both hair colors. The two may look similar but the dominant color is different.

These shades may vary depending on your hair type. The common rule of thumb is that long hair is more suited for a blonde shade.

Whereas, short hair can carry the shade of light brown really well. Still, the decision is yours.

Even though the difference doesn’t seem to be much, they’re actually two completely different shades!

In this article, I’ll be providing a detailed account of the differences between light brown hair and very dark blonde hair. Treat this article as a guide to help you choose your next hair color!

So let’s get right to it!

Is light brown hair considered blonde?

According to anthropologists, lighter shades of brown hair are considered to be a variant of blonde. Many dictionaries also refer to blonde as being anything from light brown to pale yellow. A white brunette is always considered dark brown or black.

To help you visualize, think of the middle shade between a light blonde and a light brown. This shade is considered to be very dark blonde. It’s a shade lighter than a brunette but it’s the darkest of the blonde family.

Moreover, the most common light golden, brown hair is known as level five. This looks very similar to blonde hair. However, the shade five hair color is the lightest form of brown hair.

It’s basically a mix between brown and white. People with brown hair have high levels of Eumelanin and low levels of pheomelanin.

Dark blonde is considered to be brilliantly basic. This shade is so smooth and toned that it very easily blends in with one’s natural coloring. It tends to suit all types of skin tones.

What level is dark blonde hair?

Dark blonde hair is considered to be level (7) seven. Every hair color falls under different levels. This hair color is the darkest shade of the blonde family but this shade is still one tone ahead of light brown.

Many also describe this color as “caramel blonde” or “ash blonde”. However, this depends on the warmth.

This shade tends to pair really well with dark roots. These add depth against the lighter blonde strands.

Dark blonde hair color is basically a rich in-between tone. This color is perfect for women who want a balance between brown and blonde hues. This shade of blonde can either be cool or warm.

The hair color levels are basically the base colors. Base colors and tones then work together to give you an amazing hair dye. The second set of numbers is the tone color and these numbers are written with a period mark before them. For instance, .1 is blue, .2 is violet, .3 is gold, and .4 is copper.

This hair color level chart allows your hair colorist to neutralize the coloration. Here’s a table summarizing different hair base colors and their levels:

LevelHair Color
2Second darkest black
4Dark brown
5Light brown
6Dark blonde
7Dark blonde
8Medium blonde
9Light blonde
Hope this helps!

Take a quick look at this video explaining hair color levels and tones:

Use this to find your hair levels and tone!

What is the difference between very dark blonde and light brown hair?

Very dark blonde and light brown hair are two completely different colors. Light brown is a combination of brown and white. Whereas, dark blonde is a mix between yellow and black.

This would mean that the dominant color in light brown is brown. While the dominant color in dark blonde is yellow. Although the difference may seem very minor, it’s not.

That one shade divides the palette of traditional colors between browns and blondes.

If you’re confused about your own hair color, you can figure it out by closely examining the base of your hair. Blonde hair usually has more golden tones at the base. Whereas, brown hair always has brown tones.

Although the two shades are similar, the dominant colors in them are totally different! It is advised by many hair technicians that if your skin is pale, then you should choose a dark blonde hair color. This shade will help deepen your gaze and also perfectly frame your face.

If your skin is pale or neutral, then you can choose either shade, dark blonde, or light brown. That’s because your skin tone is ideal for either color.

However, if you have a darker complexion, then you should go for the light brown shade. This is because brown hair colors work really well with darker skin tones. They help soften facial features.

This color also helps in reducing wrinkles and making your skin look smoother. Many people with darker complexions tend to choose this color as it helps them look younger.

Is dark blonde the same as light brown? (Differences continued)

No, they’re not the same! As I mentioned in the level system in hair colors above, this system takes care of whether your hair color is regarded as blonde or brown.

Hair color is classified by two different properties. These properties are level/depth and pigment/color.

Pigmentation is classified as cool or warm. Nobody’s hair is exactly just one color.

Cool tones usually include ash, violet, and matte green. Whereas, warm tones include copper, auburn or red, or yellow.

Light blonde hair is dark yellow and dirty blonde hair is light brown. So basically the difference between the two shades is the tones.

Another notable difference between light brown and dark blonde hair is the concentration levels of the two pigments. These are pheomelanin and Eumelanin.

Those with light brown hair have very small amounts of Eumelanin and some pheomelanin. On the other hand, dark blonde hair has no Eumelanin and a very heavy concentration of pheomelanin.

When it comes to which is better, darker hair like light brown is better at camouflaging damage than lighter hair, such as split ends and flyaways. The thick and glossy strands make the hair appear healthier.

Light Brown hair
Light brown hair.

Is blonde or brown hair more attractive?

Many believe that most men prefer blondes. However, despite popular belief, men might actually favor brunettes. There’s scientific evidence that men find women with darker hair more sexually attractive.

According to a study, longer and lighter hair is the most attractive. However, both lighter brown hair and lighter blonde hair are seen as more attractive than darker or black hair.

There are numerous studies that point to brunettes being more attractive. A 2011 study from a dating app called Badoo validates this. According to this study, 33.1% of the men revealed that they found brunettes more attractive than blondes.

Whereas, 29. 5% of them found blondes more attractive. On the other hand, Brown-haired women were still ahead of both of them. This just shows that many people, men or women, tend to prefer darker shades like brown over blonde.

While light brown may be seen as more attractive, dark blonde is also a very popular choice amongst many! This is because dark blonde hair offers a more natural alternative that is still fashion-forward.

It’s considered the darkest shade of blonde. However, it’s still one tone ahead of light brown.

Dark blonde hair color can be frequently seen on top models such as Gigi Hadid. It’s believed that it can instantly upgrade anyone’s style. This hair color is great for all skin tones and it’s also relatively low maintenance.

What is the difference between dark blonde and dark ash blonde?

The difference is that the natural tint of dark blonde has full grey coverage. Whereas, the ash dark blonde has full coverage on hair which is about fifty percent grey.

Dark blonde is a level seven and it doesn’t have any outspoken warm or cool undertones. It’s a neutral color that fits both cool and warm skin types. When we talk about shades of dark blonde, they come under the range of levels 7.0 to 8.

The ash dark blonde hair is a level 7.1. It’s considered to be an ash tone. This color looks amazing on the skin with a pink or blue call undertone.

You can mix it with the blonde 7.0 to tone down the ash color. The 7.1 ash dark blonde appears to be darker than the 7.0 dark blonde.

There are many other blonde shades that have different levels. For example:

  • Golden Dark Blonde: Level 7.3
  • Copper Dark Blonde: Level 7.4
  • Caramel Dark Blonde: Level 7.7

Ash blonde hair is basically a shade of blonde that has darker roots and a hint of grey. It creates an ashy blonde tone. It’s a cooler shade of smoky blonde hair which works best on naturally blonde or light brown hair.

The colors are cool-toned as compared to warmer tones such as golden blonde.

Dark Blonde hair
Dark blonde hair.

My hair is light brown but in the sunlight, it looks blonde, what color is it?

This is a very common question amongst many with this type of hair color. The answer to this is very simple. Whatever color your hair is when you’re indoors is your natural color.

This is because sunlight makes most hair colors look lighter due to the way light reflects off the surface. So basically if your hair color looks brown in very less light, then brown or dark brown is your main natural color.

Light brown hair may also appear more reddish during the summer. Lighting has a great impact on the way we perceive colors.

Moreover, most people with very dark hair have a blend of two types of hair pigment. This includes black Eumelanin and brown Eumelanin. It’s also possible to have a little bit of a reddish pigment.

Therefore, if your hair is a blend of black, brown, or a little bit of red, the brown hues will be visible under bright light. Whereas, without bright light, your hair will just look pure black. This just means that you don’t have a hundred percent black Eumelanin in your hair.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the main difference between light brown and very dark blonde is just one shade. Light brown is a level 5, whereas dark blonde is a level 6/7.

Many women tend to go for the blonde shades. This is very common in aging women. That’s because blonde or light blonde hides grey extremely well.

Colors like light brown are considered ideal for women who are 50 to 60. This color helps lighten your face and distracts from the wrinkles.

According to various studies, many men prefer darker hair to lighter hair. Dark blonde is a more natural alternative that suits all skin types.

There are many shades of blonde which range between levels 7 and 8. Dark ash blonde is one of the types. It has a cool undertone and a grey tint.

I hope this article helped answer all your queries about the two very similar, yet different shades!

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