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Republican VS Conservative (Their Differences)

Republican VS Conservative (Their Differences)

Every country is ruled by a government of a political party that comes into action via election. When a political party rules a government, they set its own rules and regulations in the country.

Among many other political parties, two of them are famous because of their beliefs and rules.

One is the Republican Party and the other is the Democrats.

The Republican party is one of the major parties of the United States and it is also called GPO which means Grand Old Party.

Conservative is the name of conservatism in the United States. It states implementing custom traditions and believes in less spending on human resources.

The main difference between Republican and Conservative is that Republican believes that tax shouldn’t be implemented on people by the government and encourage small business for economic growth while Conservative supports the ideology of traditional institution in the government to resist modern change.

One more thing I would like to mention is that all Republicans are Conservative but not all Conservatives are Republicans.

For a better understanding, you’ve got to read more!

Let’s start.

What Are Republican Beliefs?

Their beliefs differ from person to person, not all republicans believe in the same thing and have differences of opinions.

Following is the list of some of the points that the whole party stands for.

  • Many Republicans believe in the idea that the government shouldn’t be responsible for solving people’s basic issues like health and paying bills, but these issues must be solved by people themselves so that they don’t get lazy.
  • Republicans believe that the market should be free without any interference. The consumer and manufacturers will resolve their issues according to the need.
  • Republicans insist on privatizing departments like police, health, and education as they believe privatization would do a better job than government.
  • Republicans also consider abortion as murder and they stand for the idea that women shouldn’t be allowed to choose whether to end a pregnancy or not.
  • They believe that every citizen has a right to own a gun.
  • Republicans are not in the favor of homosexuals and are against the idea of equal rights for them.
  • The majority of Republicans do not believe in the theory of evolution and think God created man in the way he is.
  • Republicans think that illegal migrants should be removed from the U.S.
  • Republicans think poor people must do something for themselves rather than asking for help and charity must be a choice of people.

Check out this video for a detailed explanation of Republican beliefs.

Beliefs of Republicans!

What Does It Mean to Be A Conservative?

a protest of people
Protesting is ones right!

Conservatism is the ideology or more likely a social philosophy to uphold the native traditions and customs in the society.

Conservatives are often derived from sentiments rather than thinking rationally. They believe in permanent things and are usually opposed to change.

Conservatives believe in the moral order which was introduced by Pluto, twenty-five centuries ago. They believe that people who are governed by self-morality and have a sense of right or wrong can make a good society.

They are guided by the element of prudence in every matter. They believe every matter should be judged by its long-run consequence rather than being deceived by temporary success and popularity.

They also believe modern humans can’t make discoveries in politics or morals because men judge everything based on private judgment which is highly dangerous.

Conservatives state that human society is full of inequality which must be excluded by equality and the only true form of equality is the last judgment or court law.

They insist on introducing prudent forms to make society’s order tolerable as a man being imperfect can’t create perfect orders.

They believe that to make the commonwealth grow, private property possession must be supported.

They also believe that for making a genuine community, decisions must be decided voluntarily and locally as Americans are the fan of privacy and private rights, decisions affecting the whole community shouldn’t be decided involuntarily.

What Is A Right-Wing Person?

A right-wing person supports tradition and customs and usually likes things the way they are already.

A right-wing person believes in a capitalist economy where the government wouldn’t interfere much. They want to live as an organic society where old customs and traditions are alive and followed by everyone.

The right-wing people are labeled as reactionary because they oppose change and are against the ideas spreading by left-wing people in the country.

Some of the famous right-wing parties around the globe are as follows.

CountryName of the right-wing party
United StatesConstitution Party
Covenant Party
Objectivist Party
United KingdomConservative Party
Traditional Unionist Voice
SwitzerlandSwiss People’s Party
Ticino League
SwedenModerate Party
Citizen’s Coalition
PolandConfederation of Independent Poland
Right Wing of The Republic
NorwayCoastal Party
Progress Party
Countries and names of right-wing parties!

Are Republicans And Conservatives The Same?

No, Republicans and Conservatives aren’t the same. Republican is the political party while being a conservative is a philosophy. Conservatives are usually with a political party that has more conservative thoughts about the government.

A sticker that says "I voted", designed similarly to the American flag
Vote to Support.

But, they do have some common grounds, which is why people assume they are the same.

They both believe in spending little and saving more for the future. Conservative views are often grounded in history and nationalism to prove their cause. Both Republicans and Conservatives are supporters of property rights.

Some people in the Republican Party are also supporters of Conservatism as conservatives believe that the fiscal policy of tax shouldn’t be implemented by the government. While Republicans believe that the states will progress by the free-market idea.

There are many people who believe in Conservative thoughts are Republicans and many members of Republican thoughts are Conservatives.

But, still many conservatives find solace in themselves even in the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party, or even in Democrats.

I talk more about conservatism in a different article. Check it out!

Final Thoughts

All can be summed up as:

  • The Republican party believes in economic growth by making personal property.
  • Conservative is the ideology that can be present in any political party.
  • Republicans and Conservatives both have some common grounds.
  • Both support the idea of a capitalist economy and socialism.
  • Conservative parties are against the change and they believe in preserving traditional values and customs.

To read more, check out my article What Is the Difference Between Epicureanism and Stoicism? (Explained).

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