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What Is The Difference Between “Kacchan” and “Bakugo” in My Hero Academia? (Facts)

What Is The Difference Between “Kacchan” and “Bakugo” in My Hero Academia? (Facts)

With the advancement of technology and access to personal streaming gadgets, the world of entertainment took a big leap and broadened its horizons. One such leap has been seen in the world of animation. Anime has taken oven a big part of entertainment industry in first decade of 21st century and is still ruling.

If you are a fan of Aime and have been watching “My Hero Academia” you probably have questioned about the difference between “Kacchan” and “Bakugo”?

Kacchan and Bakugo both are different names of the same person. The protagonist in “My Hero Academia” is known as Bakugo Katsuki, and Kacchan is his nickname. Bakugo is his second name but will come first because this is how the Japanese write their names. 

If you’re interested in knowing who gave Bakugo Katsuki this nickname, stick around and keep on reading till the end. 

Let me give you a sweet warning that there’ll be spoilers ahead so tread cautiously…!

Characters Of My Hero Academia

To give you a better idea of the anime, this table shows you the main characters and their roles.

Bakugo Katsuki Protagonist
Izuku MidoriyaBakugou’s childhood friend that he doesn’t like
Mitsuki BakugoBakugou’s mother
Masaru Bakugo Bakugou’s father
Characters of My Hero Academia

There’s almost a never-ending list of characters in this anime but I’ve listed only the main characters and specially those that are related to the protagonist. 

Series “My Hero Academia”is a Manga Or an Anime?

Anime or Manga??
Interestingly, you can watch and read “My Hero Academia”

As you may know, anime is a short form of animation. In Japan, this storytelling medium was first aimed at children; however, with time, it gained more popularity among adults throughout the world. In the year 2019, this industry rose 15% making 2.51 trillion Japanese Yen. 

The good news here is, “My Hero Academia” exist as both manga and anime. Viewers and readers can watch or read it as per their choice. Or you can do both or an overdose of imagination and entertainment.

In case you don’t know on which grounds they both differentiate. Here’s all you need to know:

Anime is known as Japanese animation.Manga is graphic and comic books.
You can watch anime.You can read the manga. 
Anime has to cut things in order to fit into a course of limited episodes.Manga has a more detailed story as compared to anime.
Anime has visuals and soundtracks.Manga has graphics but no soundtracks.
Anime Vs Manga

What Does Kacchan Mean? 

If you Google the meaning of this name, it’ll show you it means explosion and loud. In one way, this name is a depiction of Bakugo’s personality. 

One of the ways to create nicknames in Japanese is by taking the first syllable of the name and using the suffix “chan”. That is the case with the nickname Kacchan. Japanese names begin with the surname. Bakugo is the protagonist’s surname, and Katsuki is his real name. 

So, according to the rule mentioned above, “K” has been taken out as syllable and for suffice “chan” has been attached resulting in the nickname “Kacchan”.

How Did Izuku Midoriya Get The Nickname “Deku”?

Izuku Midoriya has a nickname, “Deku”, that Bakugo gives him as an insult. Let me tell you that, in the anime, more than 80% of individuals have superpowers called Quirk. Izuku belongs to the 20% of the population that are born without extraordinary abilities. That was the primary reason why Bakugo gave Izuku Midoriya this name. 

If you are curious about why “Deku” is an insult to be called then read along:

Deku is a doll name in Japanese that is worthless since it has no arms and legs. Bakugo has never been on good terms with Izuku and because he was Quirkless, therefore, he considered him powerless and worthless. 

Why Does Bakugou Let Deku Call Him Kacchan?

Why does Bakugo let Deku call him Kacchan?
Despite all the conflicts, Deku was the person who Bakugo trusted the most.

Deku (Izuku Midoriya) was the one who named Bakugo “Kacchan”. It was the nickname that Deku gave him out of love. Interestingly, Deku is the only person who’s allowed to call Bakugo by this name. 

As long as you’re concerned about why Bakugo doesn’t get bothered when Deku calls him Kacchan, here’s what I’ve observed.

Bakugo pretends that he hates Deku, while the reality is quite the opposite. Deku is the person that Bakugo trusts the most. Deku has been with him since childhood. Somehow, he knows Deku will never let him down.

As you may know, despite having a good relationship with Kirishima, Bukugo would share things with Deku instead of Kirishima. Honestly, it’d seem weird if Deku didn’t call him Kacchan or any other nick. 

Does Bakugou Respect Deku? 

Bakugo has never given Deku the respect he deserved. In childhood, Bakugo bullies him for the fact that Deku was Quirkless and powerless. Initially, Bakugo has a superiority complex that turns into an inferiority complex once Deku makes it to UA. Everyone at the UA gets along with Deku, even Bakugo’s friends. 

After knowing that All Might(central protagonist of the franchise) has given Deku his Quirk, he became more aggressive and violent towards him. It was because he did not want anyone to be more powerful than he was. Bakugo felt a threat from Deku that pushed him to become more self-centered. 

Was Bakugo’s Mom Abusive?

Was Bakugo Katsuki's mother abusive?
Honestly, the way Mitsuki treated Bakugo was abusive.

Some people find it abusive the way Bakugo’s mom treats him, while some are fine with it. I believe cultural differences have a big role here. A recent study shows that bullying is more prevalent in Japan, which includes name-calling, beating, and kicking. 

On the one hand, this is how most Asian moms discipline their children. Also, hitting is a part of exaggeration for making anime comedic. 

On the other hand, it might be one of the reasons why Bakugo’s personality was so aggressive and violent. The series itself shows that Bakugo was raised in a violent environment. Aside from this, Mitsuki (Bakugo’s mom) has a great personality. 

Despite being rude to everyone else, Bakugo would never talk back to his mom and would listen to whatever she said. 

Key Difference Between “Kacchan” and “Bakugo” in Anime My Hero Academia? 

Kacchan is the nickname of Bakugo Katsuki, which Deku gave him in childhood. In the dictionary, Kacchan means loud and explosive. 

This table shows how “Kacchan” and “Bakugo” differentiate:

Kacchan is Bakugo Katsuki’s nickname.Bakugo is the surname of Katsuki.
Japanese create nicknames by taking syllables and putting chan with them.Since the surname comes first in Japanese, it always appears before the real name.
Deku is the only person who uses this nickname.Calling with surnames is a more polite way to address someone in Japan.
What’s the difference between “Kacchan” and “Bakugo”

Here’s a video where Deku is calling Bakugo with this nickname:

This is the most hilarious video of Deku saying Kacchan

Final Thoughts

The anime “My Hero Academia” features two main characters named Bakugo Katsuki and Izuku Midoriya. Both of them have given each other nicknames. 

The nickname Izuku Midoriya has given Bakugo is Kacchan, while Bakugo calls Izuku with a nickname Deku. 

Bakugo has always been insecure his entire life, so he thinks Izuku is a useless person who cannot achieve anything. Therefore, based on his own thoughts he calls Izuku “Deku,” to denote a person without arms or legs, in other words a useless person.  

I’d recommend you to watch this anime if you want to see their bond.

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