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What’s The Difference Between Prom And Homecoming? (Know What’s What!)

What’s The Difference Between Prom And Homecoming? (Know What’s What!)

A prom is a school event that happens in the last quarter of the school year. It’s usually a formal dance, with formal attire and corsages, and sometimes it’s held in a rented ballroom.

The purpose of prom is to get students together, have quality time, show off their best dance moves to the other students, and end their school year with a blast.

Homecoming is similar to prom, except that it’s usually held during the first quarter of the school year and tends to be more casual than prom.

The school puts on a football game during homecoming weekend, which is usually played at a local high school stadium.

A day before homecoming, a football match is usually held where alumni come and participate in the event. Since the majority of homecoming events take place on a Saturday, the football game is held on Friday.

Let me tell you that homecoming day is all about dance. For those who aren’t big fans of football matches, homecoming would be the only event they’d love to go on. 

If you’re interested to learn everything I know about homecoming and prom, stick around and keep on reading. 

Let’s dive into it…

What Is Prom?

High school proms are formal dances held during senior year.

What Is Prom?
What is prom?

It is usually held in a ballroom or similar venue to celebrate the end of high school and to give everyone a chance to dress up, have fun and let loose before graduation

Proms are commonly associated with high school students, but they can be found at colleges and universities as well.

What Exactly Is Homecoming?

Homecoming is an annual event held by public schools in the United States to celebrate their graduating seniors. The event might be for a day or a week.

Homecomings are generally mandatory for students who participated in high school activities and do not require parental involvement or payment. Homecomings are often associated with college-bound students, but they can be found in middle schools and elementary schools as well.

What is homecoming?

The purpose of homecomings is to honor graduates and provide opportunities for parents to meet their children’s teachers, attend special programs, and socialize with other families who have children attending the same school district.

High School Homecoming vs. Junior School Homecoming Events 

High school homecoming events are very different from those at junior high or elementary schools. There will probably be plenty of food available for purchase from vendors at a typical high school homecoming celebration.

There might also be an award ceremony where students get awarded for their achievements. Other activities like dances and field trips may also take place.

Difference Between Prom and Homecoming

Homecoming Prom
Definition Homecoming is an event where students from all over the area come together to enjoy themselves, have fun, and celebrate with their friends. For high school students, a dance party is arranged where they come in tuxedos and gowns. 
When it is held?Homecoming is usually held at the end of November or early DecemberThe prom is held at the beginning of spring.  
What’s the purpose of it? It’s a great way for students to get together and celebrate their time at high school.It gives you an opportunity to increase your social interaction
At what levels do you celebrate it? It’s celebrated at different levels of school including high school, junior high school, and elementary school. The prom is for the students who are about to graduate.
Homecoming vs. Prom

What Should You Wear on Homecoming and Prom?

Prom dresses are usually very formal and designed for dancing. As a general rule, people spend more money on a prom dress than on a homecoming dress.

Since prom requires a formal dress, you can go with a gown. Also, you can change into something else if the weather cools off. Additionally, it’s best to keep a jacket on hand to place on your shoulder.

Homecoming is more casual and usually involves jeans, a t-shirt, and maybe a jacket.

Difference Between Prom and Homecoming
An Image of Prom Dance

The best advice is to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. It’s all about how your outfit looks on you.

What Do You Do on a Homecoming And Not on a Prom? 

For prom, you get yourself a nice dress. The next thing you would do is get an appointment for your makeup and hair, and these two are the very things that you can do without a homecoming.

It’s not necessary to follow a dress code for homecoming. You can wear anything from a casual to a semi-formal dress. I’d advise you to not spend too much on a homecoming dress. 

Down below is a list of things one can do on a homecoming:

  • Some homecoming events start with a football match and go on for a week. 
  • Alumni visit the school and meet their schoolmates and teaching staff. 
  • You can go on a date with either a friend or a guy.
  • The students also do a casual dance. 
  • You can plan a dinner and a sleepover with friends.
What Do You Do on a Homecoming? 
Kids Playing Football

Can You Wear The Same Clothes On Prom and Homecoming?

After school begins, homecoming is the first event that’s around the corner. Not everyone is familiar with what he/she should wear on homecoming.

Most of the time, there’s a dress code for homecoming. You need to keep in mind that you should never overdress for homecoming. You should also wear something age-appropriate.  

As far as our question is concerned, a prom dress is more formal so you shouldn’t wear it on homecoming.


  • Whether you’re in high school or elementary school, you get to attend several homecomings and proms. 
  • Though it’s really important to learn the difference between the two.
  • Homecoming is a football event that involves different festivities. 
  • While prom is a night event where graduated students go with either friends or couples.

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