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What Is The Difference Between Raleigh And Durham Culture? (All You Can Know!)

What Is The Difference Between Raleigh And Durham Culture? (All You Can Know!)

Living in Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill gives you access to places of cultural interest, like the North Carolina Symphony, the Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh, and the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Locals and students frequent the cafes and bars near the university campuses in the area. The area is now home to more than 20 craft breweries, enhancing a developing food scene. Additionally, North Carolina’s most live music venues are in this region.

Should I Travel To Durham Or Raleigh?

City picture
Flight costs to Raleigh and Durham fluctuate frequently depending on travel demand and chosen dates.


The population of Durham, a city in central North Carolina, is about 230,000 people. It is a part of the Research Triangle region, including Chapel Hill and Raleigh. Durham, which is also the location of the renowned Duke University, is frequently referred to as theCity of Medicine.”


The state of North Carolina is headquartered in Raleigh. In the city, there are many colleges and universities, including North Carolina State University, Shaw University, Saint Augustine’s College, Meredith College, and Peace University.

It has a population of about 450,000. The city has numerous museums, eateries, theatres, and parks. Additionally, there is a vast network of greenways.

Which City, Raleigh Or Durham, Is Less Expensive?

These are the two locations’ combined average travel costs.

Durham’s daily average cost (per person) is $130, while Raleigh’s average is $151.

These expenses cover lodging (assuming the traveler is sharing a room), food, transportation, and entertainment. These prices represent the average of past visitors to each city, even though each person is unique.

A more thorough categorical breakdown of travel expenses for Durham and Raleigh follows.

Durham Shuttles And Rented Vehicles

Here are some specific instances of Durham transportation costs:

  • Private transfer from Durham to Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU) for departure: $139
  • $407 for a private ride from Durham to Manchester Airport (MAN).

Shuttles And Hired Cars In Raleigh

Here are some specific instances of Raleigh transportation costs:

  • Private transfer from Raleigh to Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU) for departure: $124
Glenwood south neighborhood
The Glenwood South neighborhood, about two miles from downtown, is where college students and young adults prefer to spend the night in Raleigh. There are two excellent hospitals, Rex and Wake Med. And finally, the city is dotted with parks, artificial lakes, and walking trails.

Difference Between Durham and Raleigh Culture

Culture has the power to alter how someone feels. Culture can unite a community and allow you to experience life from another person’s perspective. It ignites the imagination, fostering innovation and creativity. Jobs are created by culture, allowing individuals and communities to prosper.

It’s time for a county to become the next City of Culture, and Durham is one of the most diverse counties in the country. They are so capable and have so much to offer.

The city of Raleigh, which serves as the capital of North Carolina, is committed to fostering the arts and culture. Its numerous museums and other cultural attractions have earned the city the “Smithsonian of the South.”

Both locals and visitors to Raleigh regularly attend the city’s numerous cultural events throughout the year. The African American Cultural Complex, the Contemporary Art Museum, the Raleigh City Museum, and the North Carolina Museum of Art are a few of the museums in Raleigh.

Raleigh is the location of the “Exploris” interactive global learning center. This center’s mission, established in 2001, is to educate visitors about people from all cultures.

This is achieved through interactive exhibits and displays that entice center visitors to learn about other cultures and how trade operates internationally. The Marbles Kids Museum is a children’s museum that exists.

The cities are distinct, yet they are also similar. Raleigh is a bustling metropolis with numerous subdivisions and a constantly growing city limit. Historically, NC State University and the state government offered business opportunities.

It’s still not like a big city, though. Of course, there is some crime, but it is not a significant issue. Raleigh most likely has more “old money” neighborhoods and a tendency to be a little more “cookie-cutter.”

In contrast, Durham is a more diverse and working-class community that is also home to the Research Triangle Park (the east coast’s Silicon Valley), Duke University, and a hub for advertising firms.

Due to tensions on the school board, the educational system has a perception issue. Three excellent high schools do exist in the design, though. Although it is exaggerated, Durham has a reputation for having a high crime rate.

Given that Durham has a higher-than-average minority population and was once referred to as “Black Wall Street,”

Yes, there is a crime in Durham, but there is also a crime in Raleigh and every other large city; the majority of the crime happens in a small number of neighborhoods, and 99% of the residents there are the victims rather than the perpetrators.

The cost of living in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina

The cost of living in the Raleigh and Durham areas is roughly equal to the national average due to a significant rise in home prices over the past few years. The demand for housing will increase as more people move to the area for employment.

Statistics graph
The cost of living in Raleigh and Durham

However, compared to other major cities, this one has relatively low property taxes, making homeownership more accessible. The North Carolina Research Triangle is reasonably priced compared to other technology and research hotspots like San Francisco.

How Is The Weather In Raleigh And Durham, North Carolina?

Here, summers are hot and muggy. Snowfall in the winter is uncommon, but icy road conditions are known to occur.

For winter weather advisories, businesses and schools frequently close early.

How Can I Get Around Raleigh And Durham, North Carolina?

Although walking through the city centers is possible, it is less common outside of them due to the dispersed nature of the points of interest.

In Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, public bus systems make it affordable (though somewhat slow) to get around the cities and the nearby suburbs. A commuter rail train connecting points in the Triangle is currently being investigated by local transportation stakeholders.

 Avg. Home Price$310,600$346,600
 Unemployment Rate4.1%4.3%

When Is The Ideal Time To Visit Raleigh Or Durham?

Both locations have four distinct seasons and a temperate climate. Winter is in January in both cities because they are in the northern hemisphere, and summer is in July.

Should I Go To Raleigh Or Durham In The Summer?

Both Durham and Raleigh see a large influx of tourists during the summer. The family-friendly activities available in Raleigh during the summer also draw tourists there.

In the summer, Durham has a similar temperature to Raleigh. In July, Raleigh and Durham experience temperatures identical to 79°F (26°C).

During this time of year, Raleigh has an abundance of sunshine, which frequently draws people there. At this time of year, Durham experiences a lot of suns.

In the summer, Raleigh experiences a lot of rain. It rains quite a bit right now in Durham. Durham typically experiences about the same amount of rain in July as Raleigh.

Raleigh receives 5.1 inches (129 mm) of rain per month during the summer, compared to Durham’s 5.1 inches (129 mm).

Raleigh North Carolina Travel Guide 4K

Final Thoughts

  • One of the nation’s most diverse counties is Durham. They are incredibly strong and have a lot to offer.
  • Due to a significant increase in home prices in recent years, the cost of living in the Raleigh and Durham areas is roughly equivalent to the national average.
  • Raleigh’s housing is more expensive than Durham’s.
  • Although it is still a good system, the Durham Public School System is not as good as Wake County (or the unique Chapel Hill-Carrboro system).
  • Both Durham and Raleigh see a large influx of tourists during the summer.

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